Nate has worked in the outdoor television industry since 2001 and has guided since 2002.   His specialty would be targeting tough walleyes but his passion is anything that swims.  If he had one fish to target, it changes with the seasons.

Nate Berg’s journey into the outdoor industry started at a very early age in his home town of Blair, WI. At the age of two, his parents, John and Kathy Berg put a fishing rod in his hands and he never looked back.

Every family vacation the Berg’s took was to satisfy the hunger that Nate and his brother Matt had for fishing. Their travels took them to Canada, Minnesota and all over Wisconsin. To say that fishing was a big part of their lives would be a massive understatement.

At the age of 11, young Berg took to fishing…every day. On March, 27, 1988, Nate went Lake Henry and threw his first cast into the waters and into a journey that would last for 3 1/2 years, 1,261 days to be exact. He simply did this for the love he had for fishing and on a small little bet from his brother Matt!

Nate did this purely for the love he had for the sport of fishing. What he didn’t know was that he would get a media following that put him not only on the local spotlight, but also the national stage.

It all started with an article his home town newspaper. Then a local tv show call “Lucky 13” with Dave Carlson, then the La Crosse (WI) Tribune, the AP news wire and then NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

That one segment on the Nightly News is what forged his life forever. What Nate didn’t know was fishing legend Babe Winkelman was watching the same program from an airport in Las Vegas. Babe kept an eye on Nate to see where his fishing streak was going to lead him.

In October of 1990, when Nate was a full couple of years into his fishing streak, he and Babe landed in a boat together and would forge a friendship that lasts to this day. A friendship that led him to Brainerd, MN where he was employed by Babe Winkelman Productions from April of 2001 to 2015.

In 2015, Nate took a new position with another legend in the outdoors, Jason Mitchell and is still there today as a producer/editor of his television shows Jason Mitchell Outdoors and Passion for the Hunt

Our Guides

Joe Marshall

Joe has worked in the outdoor industry producing fishing shows for the past 7 years as well as being a guide since the early 1990’s. Joe loves to have his line stretched by anything but pike are his passion.

Brad Alcock

Brad worked in the outdoor industry for well over 20 years just recently changing his career path.  He hosted several shows for Babe Winkelman’s “Good Fishing” and “Outdoor Secrets.”

Brad’s favorite fish to target just happens to be the one that is biting that given day but he has a passion chasing big walleyes all year.  Versatility is his key to success all year and it doesn’t matter if its crappies in the summer or whitefish on the ice, he loves it all.