Trip Info & Rates

With over 400 lakes teaming with fish within 30 miles of Brainerd, the options are endless. While filming shows, tricks, tips and tactics learned all across the gloge, fishing techniques are nearly as endless.

We don’t just stay in the Brainerd area.  In fact, nearly all waters in the state can be an opportunity of a lifetime.  Lac Qui Parle, to Squaw Lake and everywhere in between are frequented by us.

Each trip will be catered to each customer and designed to provide an educational, interactive and fun experience while exploring the endless fishing opportunities available in Minnesota.


$100 deposit required on all trips for new customers.

Ice Fishing

  • ($75 per extra person over 8)
  • 8-hour trip, 1-4 people, $300
  • 8 hour trip, 5-8 people, $500


per trip

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Soft Water

  • (2 people, 3rd person $50 more)
  • 4-hour trips, $300
  • 6-hour trips, $350
  • 8-hour trips, $400


per trip

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Evening Special

  • 5 PM to dark


per hour

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PRE-Season Soft Water Trips

  • $300 for 6 hours
  • 3 people


per trip

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Questions & Answers

What should I bring?
I suggest to bring sunglasses and by all means check the weather before you come. It is always cooler on the water so keep that in mind. During the summer, make sure you bring a rain suit even if it is not projected to rain. Wet conditions can occur if we get caught in some wind.

In the winter, dress for it! We attack fish, not sit in a house and wait. Of course, if you wish to fish out of a house we sure can.

Tipping is greatly appreciated but not expected in the least. It is your hard earned money that you are paying us. I can guarantee is we will work as hard as the hardest working fishing guides to put you on fish and if at the end of the day, if you feel the need to tip, we will greatly appreciate it.
Where do you fish?
All around Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin.  Factors to consider when choosing a location is wind direction and location of fish, your guide will do everything possible to put you on fish. Special trips can be arranged to fish surrounding bodies of water.
What are your deposit and cancellation policies?
We have been known to travel up to two hours to get our customers on the fish they desire but nearly 90% of our fishing is done within a 45-minute drive of the Brainerd Lakes Area. The DNR has done a wonderful job at keeping lakes stocked with walleyes and for the other species, they are all self sustaining so the options are nearly unlimited on any given day.
Do I need a license?
Any angler in the state of Minnesota 16 and older must have a valid fishing license. Licenses are not part of the cost. Customers who wish to purchase a license can do it online at or you can purchase one at one of many retailers or bait shops in the area.

If you wish, we can make a pit stop on the way to the lake for you to purchase one.

Where do we meet our guide?
We will pick you up at a determined location through our communication prior to the trip. If you are staying at one of the local hotels or resorts, we can pick you up right there.

If you are coming from out of the Brainerd area, we will choose the easiest location to meet.

Can you handle group & company trips?
Yes, whether you need 3 boats or 10+ boats we have the resources necessary to book a large group outing. Need to set up a small tournament for a group with the guides let us take care of you. We can set up a weigh in with lunch and awards to follow.
Can I use my own tackle?
Absolutely but not necessary. If you have a rod and reel you are comforable with please bring it. We have everything you need rod and reel wise. We supply all the live bait as well.
How can I pay for my trip?
We will take cash, credit cards or debit cards. If you wish to pay with a check, all checks must be received, paid in full and cleared prior to the trip. We had to change this policy due to some unfortunate incidents.
What will we fish for?
When you book the trip, please tell the guide what you wish to fish for. We are all very avid fishermen and take pride in our abilities as multi species anglers. You name the species and that will be what we target. If you wish to target multi species, you tell us what you wish to pursue and we will hit the lakes that give us the best opportunities for those fish.
Start time?
The start times are basically dictated by when you wish to start. We can discuss what the fish have been doing to make sure we are on the water at the best times possible. We are not an 7-4 or 8-5 group of guys. If it requires us to be on the water a half hour before sunrise to guarantee the best bite, that’s what we can do.