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Wonderful Opener in the Brainerd Lakes

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Fishing across the Brainerd area has been all over the board. With the warm weather, our water temps are screaming up fast. Look for patterns to change fairly fast as we move forward, especially with our forecasted temperatures. I expect the weeds to seriously sprout in the next few days. We have forecasted temps for 90 on Saturday. That will really change some things.

The walleyes on Gull have been very shallow for the most part. If you can find schools of shiners, you will find walleyes. We did really good on several different techniques. The bites have been really changing as the day progresses so be prepared for everything.

There is a great night time trolling bite going on. Casting to rocks or trolling the big flats both have been really good. North Long, Round and Edwards all have a decent bite going. Leeches and spot tails on live bait rigs have been working. Each lake also has a great jerk bait trolling bite going as well.

The smaller lakes have some great weed beds already and pulling harnesses with leeches has been good. Slip bobber set ups have also been working well.

Pike action is consistently excellent across the area. A wide range of techniques are working. Pretty much anything you throw will be getting hit. Flats and emerging weeds are the places to check. We still have a crappie spawn going but in most of the small lakes they are 100% done. Bluegills are staging pretty hard in their pre spawn locations.

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